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vendredi, 27 mai 2022



Turkey : repression in Istanbul and also in Paris !

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On May Day, DISK (Confederation of Turkish Revolutionary Trade Unions, for the private sector) wanted to pay tribute to the struggles of workers by organizing a rally in Istanbul. They were immediately attacked by the police, outside of the union building. At least 25 people, including DISK president Arzu A. Çerkezoğlu and its secretary general, were arrested during the police attack. This attack is part of the continuous repression since 2016 which targets turkish people, particularly the progressive forces which oppose the authoritarianism of the Turkish regime. The May Day parades are systematically attacked, and this year’s crackdown cannot be justified by sanitary measures against the coronavirus since these are implemented only at weekends in Turkey.

Turkey’s good ally, E. Macron, was not outdone. While in Paris, around twenty activists from the solidarity committee with strikes and resistance, including several political refugees from Turkey, were attacked by the police as theygathered at Place de la République on May 1, despite ensuring the respect of barrier gestures and safe distances. The police brutally arrested and put 5 of them in police custody. At this time, on May 2, they are still detained. At the same time, elsewhere in Paris, the far right met at the foot of the statue of Joan of Arc in disregard of the safety distances, and without being disturbed by the police, additional proof if there was a need of the collusion of political and police authorities with the far right.

We denounce the repression in Turkey as in France of states which use the coronavirus crisis which reinforce even more the police control of the population and the repression of the social struggles.