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jeudi, 7 juillet 2022



USA | Brief Report and Resolutions about Illinois Labor Conference

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Brief Report and Resolutions Passed At Champaign, Illinois Conference On Defense Of Public Services, Transit & Public Education and For Workers Solidarity Action

On March 25, 2017 trade unionists, workers and students as well as international delegates met to report on the attacks on public workers, education and transit.

Workers from around the country but particularly in the midwest gave reports on the ongoing attacks on public jobs, public services and education and this included the attack on public workers by Governor Rauner. They also discussed the lessons of the UAW 5 lockout at South Bend, Indiana and the need for a national solidarity action network to back workers who face lockouts and strikes. There was a also a discussion of the critical role of international solidarity and unity between workers in Mexico, Brazil, India and workers throughout the world to fight the same multi-nationals and corporate governments that are seeking to destroy unions in every country of the world. Also there was discussion on the need to build unity and solidarity with the community and organizations that are fighting racism, xenophobia, repression, attacks on women, LBGT and other communities as well as the need to defend the environment.

Workers that attended included leaders and rank and file members from AFSCME, CWA, AFT, UAW, UBC, SEIU, ATU, Teamsters, IWW, UPWA and CSP Conlutas in Brazil. The meeting also discussed the lessons of previous struggles such as the UAW Accuride strike, the War Zone struggle in Decatur, Illinois and the role of the unions in taking up the defense of workers in these struggles.

The following resolutions were passed unanimously by the national meeting.

1. Support for a National/International Labor Solidarity network that will help build solidarity and actions for workers on strike or locked out throughout the US and internationally.

2. Support for a united national campaign to defend public services, transit and public education and a political education fight against privatization and outsourcing in every union in the US.

3. Support for and development of a national labor channel for all working people and for union locals to establish streaming labor channels.

4. Support for another national conference to take forward these action proposals and the establishment of a regular monthly phone conference call of supporters of these proposals.

5. Support for GM Colombian injured workers with solidarity actions and financial contributions.

6. Support for the San Quintin Baja Farmworkers and their families who are fighting for a union and against the Driscolls which is fighting their union efforts. The conference voted to support the boycott of Driscolls berries and other products.

7. Support for the demand of the freeing of the 13 imprisoned Maruti Suzuki India workers who have been framed up and jailed for life because of their struggle for a union and against the repression by the Mori government.

8. Solidarity with the shop-steward Antonio Losbou who was punished by the GM of Brazil

9. Repudiates the layoffs of GM workers of Rosario - Argentina