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dimanche, 3 juillet 2022



| USA - France | United Public Workers For Action will carry out solidarity action with french workers

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The United Public Workers For Action will hold a solidarity action with french workers on 6/14. This protest is a denunciation of a situation that people around the world have experienced. In USA, UPWA have publicly exposed "deregulation, privatization and union busting being pushed by Obama government".

Aside United States, Italia, Spain and Brazil will hold protests in solidarity with french workers.

Read more about USA event in oficial union letter right bellow :

6/14 SF Solidarity Action With French Workers-Stop Union Busting, Privatization, Deregulation and Slave Labor
Your Fight Is Our Fight-From France To San Francisco
Bring Your Placards, Banners and Songs

The French working class and their unions have called for a general strike on June 14, 2016 against the union busting attack on their labor and human rights by the Socialist Party Holland government. They want to destroy their work rules so bosses can fire workers without any labor rights and also allow companies to hire young workers without the protection that other workers have. This is why hundreds of thousands of young people and students have joined this fight. This is their future.

The deregulation, privatization and union busting is also being pushed by the Obama government, the Republicrats and US multi-nationals through the IMF/WB with their so called "free" trade agreements. They want slave labor in France and in every country in the world and the French workers and youth are fighting back ! Now is the time to join in solidarity with French workers. Their fight is our fight and a victory against this union busting anti-labor government will be a victory for all workers in Europe, the US and around the world.

Initiated by
United Public Workers For Action