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samedi, 13 août 2022



USA | They Fired Me And ’Made’ Me Into An Organizer

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The Chicago Transit Authority over a year ago fired a union shop steward at its big north side bus garage — for trying to actually enforce the contract !

The CTA hoped that Erek Slater would just fade away, but Slater disappointed them, and turned his firing into an organizing opportunity. He began the fight to get his job back while also continuing his duties as a member of the ATU 241 Executive Board, despite lackluster interest from his union president. And he finally won, with full back pay.

Slater took advantage of the time-off-work that management forced on him, and put in a very productive year of labor organizing and international activism. And recently he won, by an overwhelming margin, his re-election as Executive Board member for his North Park Garage, representing 600 workers. But his union’s president polled last of four candidates and didn’t make the run off in his re-election try.

Lessons drawn, with narration augmenting archival footage.