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samedi, 28 mai 2022



Unacceptable breaches of Labour Rights in Metrorex company in Bucharest

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We were informed that the Metrorex company plans to cancel the Collective Bargaining Agreement in place and lay off workers, despite the Metro system being hugely understaffed and regularly confronted with safety incidents. Both Metrorex and the Romanian Government refuse to engage in social dialogue with Metro workers’ Trade Union, USLM.

It strongly condemn that the Union Leaders are being threatened, and workers are being sued for participating in a spontaneous protest in March 2021, a legitimate reaction to the threats of job loss and pay cuts. The company illegally refuses to collect membership fees in an attempt to drain the union of all resources, demands the annulment of the CBA in court and summons USLM to vacate their office premises.

Collective representation and collective bargaining are basic rights. Post-pandemic recovery must include strong public transport, with the workforce appreciated for its role in keeping our communities going.

It is urgently :
- Drop lawsuits against the workers.
- Drop lay-off plans.
- Stop intimidating and politically attacking the workers and the union.