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jeudi, 7 juillet 2022



United States : Trade unionists in solidarity with the resistance of the Ukrainian people !

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We publish the motion passed by CWA Local 7250 - a local of Communications Workers of America in Minneapolis, Minnesota - one of the largest unions in the AFL-CIO - which primarily organizes telecommunications workers in North America.

  • WHEREAS Ukraine has long been under the domination of Russian Czars, the Soviet Union, and now Putin ;
  • WHEREAS this has meant the suppression of Ukrainian culture, the exploitation of workers, and the abuse of the land and resources ;
  • WHEREAS Ukrainian people have continually fought for freedom and self-determination, including the 2014 Revolution of Dignity that overthrew an oppressive Russian puppet government ;
  • WHEREAS the ongoing bloody 2022 invasion and occupation of Ukraine by Russia’s military is an unprovoked unjust, and immoral attempt to crush independent Ukraine – reminiscent of the U.S. government’s own ongoing attempts to dominate smaller and poorer countries around the globe ;
  • WHEREAS this invasion has already killed thousands of civilians, destroyed cities and infrastructure, and created millions of refugees ;
  • WHEREAS the heroic popular resistance of the Ukrainian people has frustrated Russia’s plans and inspired working-class people world-wide ;
  • And WHEREAS a courageous and bold anti-war movement has emerged in Russia that shows the Russian people are not our enemies but important allies
  • BE IT RESOLVED that CWA 7250 calls on the Labor Movement and workers everywhere to give our full solidarity to the resistance of the Ukrainian people and demand Russian Troops Out Now !
  • Further Resolved, that we will look to offer material support (modest as it may be) to Ukrainian unions and workers organizations involved in the fight.
  • Further Resolved that we call on all countries to open their borders to war refugees from Ukraine, Syria, Afghanistan and others.
  • Further Resolved that we call on the United States and the IMF to cancel all of Ukraine’s foreign debt of some $125 billion – these resources should be used to fight the invasion and rebuild from the devastation not to pay interest to the big banks.
  • Further Resolved that we will support the local Ukrainian community, unions, and activists who organize solidarity rallies here.
  • And finally, be it Resolved that since we are not hypocrites we must speak up and stand against all imperialism – including that of the United States – because all peoples deserve to be free and determine their own destiny.
  • This motion was adopted by CWA 7250 – a Local of the Communications Workers of America – one of the large industrial unions in the AFL-CIO -mainly organizing telecom workers in North America.