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lundi, 23 mai 2022




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During the last weeks the struggle of Alitalia workers against ITA project has dramatically increased. The Italian government, with the EU support, has decided to erase the Italian historical airline to start up a small airline with a few aircraft, no handling, no maintenance and not a chance to take off ! A downsizing plan that has only one certainty : the layoff of thousand workers. We support this important struggle, we support Alitalia workers that during the last months crowded the streets of Rome making public the liability of Italian and European policies favoring the multinational corporation. We stand with all Alitalia employees for the removal of the Ita industrial plan and its re-definition, with their approval, of a new, concrete and public project to re-launch Alitalia, which guarantees full employment, rights and wages for all workers, also by means of a new model of Union representation, where workers can actually decide about their future.

Tutti A Bordo (Everyone on board) !
No Layoffs !
Down with the ITA plan !
We are all Alitalia !