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samedi, 13 août 2022



Women in Struggle | Strike on March 8, 2017

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March 8, 2017 : STRIKE !


Worldwide an impressive number of women are fiercely attacked by male brutality and barbarism of which the capitalist society is steeped. In so many workplaces, in many families, many religious institutions (the most recent example is that of the pastor of the diocese of Padua recently investigated for violence and facilitation of prostitution), and in many private and public spheres.
Thousands of women worldwide are raped on the street, on buses, attacked in their own homes. It is mostly young women, workers and poor, including girls, who are often victims of beatings daily, shackled, disfigured with acid, burned with gasoline, murdered.

This is the "freedom" that capitalism gives women !
And it is this capitalism that is taking away, even in Italy, gains that women have made in decades of struggle.The disposal of the welfare state, privatization of services (kindergartens, schools, hospitals, canteens, cleaning services), layoffs, increased insecurity, are attacks on the working class that women pay first.
Women suffer wage disparities in the workplace and do family work totally free : care of the home, children and elderly, that are not allowed a choice.

As women, partners, activists of the Front of struggle No Austerity support the general strike day called for March 8, 2017 from various trade union organizations, granting the appeal of the companions of "Not One Less" !
We want a full process of building from the bottom for the strike in every workplace.

A general strike of the entire working class for the 8 March is necessary to revive the struggle for the emancipation of women and to combat violence against women, a step towards awareness and collective consciousness.

We invite combative trade unions to support a unified fight for this important day of struggle.

Women in Struggle No Austerity - Front of struggle No Austerity