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mercredi, 18 mai 2022



Women, rise up ! Our struggles and our demands will never be silenced !

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An international call from 1000 women employed in the health, care and social sectors
to women in France, French overseas territories, Europe and the whole world, to
mobilize through strikes and/or demonstrations on 8 March and 7 April 2022, and
afterwards, through a convergence of all our struggles.

We, frontline women, represent more than 85% of all care workers : in hospitals, in social and care institutions, in families with elderly members and children with learning disorders.
Nursing assistants, sterilizers, nurses, psychologists, doctors, educators, social workers, cleaners, cooks, and housekeepers perform the essential work that has an impact on the lives and well-being of the majority of people in the world. We want this work to be recognized, respected and properly paid !
We, the women, have carried a large part of the care burden on our shoulders for centuries, and particularly since the beginning of the pandemic. For this, we were applauded yesterday, but today we are scorned and forgotten again. We will not forget ! We will not give up !

We, the women, are revolted ! We demand a massive increase in our salaries !
Women face atypical working hours, night work, shift work, weekend work ; we face illness, disability, social degradation and exclusion, even death − all because of the degradation of our working conditions !

We, insurgent women, demand the compatibility of professional and family life, measures to protect our physical, mental and social health ; we demand the extension of maternity leave with full compensation.
We refuse to see our jobs, our services, and our social rights sacrificed on the altar of profit, in the name of austerity and debts which are not our own.

We, tenacious women, demand enough funding and massive recruitment in the care
professions. We demand the end of austerity policies !

Faced with the increasing commodification and privatization of health and social protection, we refuse to let big health and pharmaceutical multinational companies compete with our public services and make enormous profits on people’s health.

We, emancipated women, demand that all health and social care institutions be run on a nonprofit basis, because our lives are worth more than someone’s profits !
We refuse to accept that multinationals make atrocious, criminal and illegitimate profits on illness and death.

We, confident women, demand the lifting of all patents on medicines, treatments, and medical devices because we know that health is a global common good !
We refuse to allow our sexual and reproductive rights, especially the right to abortion and contraception, to be called into question !

Alongside women all over the world, we demand the right to control our own bodies ! We demand equal civil, social, economic and political rights !
Violence against women has increased during the pandemic, and femicide continues. Women have been the first victims of war and its accompanying atrocities : rape, migration and forced displacement.

We, the women, organized and united ! Demand an end to violence against women ! We demand an end to the madness of military spending, which now represents more than 2000 billion dollars per year ! We demand an immediate reduction of these military expenses in favor of our health, care, and social protection systems.

We call on all women employed in the health, social and care sectors to sign, relay, support, enrich and extend this appeal, before, during and after March 8 and April 7, 2022, and to build « women on their feet ! » collectives everywhere !

Signatures to be sent to : appelfemmesdebout@gmail.com