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jeudi, 7 juillet 2022



Workers’ Syndicate of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company (Sherkat – e - Wahed)

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The review of job classification plan and its immediate implementation in Wahed Company has a significant impact on the pensions of drivers and workers.

The review of the job classification plan has been raised many times in the past years by the workers and drivers of the Wahed Company. And the Workers’ Syndicate of Wahed Company has carried out various actions and follow – ups through the management of Wahed and Tehran City Council and Municipality, and its documents are available in the telegram Channel of the Workers’ Syndicate of Wahed Company.

There have been several protesting rallies by the drivers and workers of Wahed Company in front of the Municipality and Tehran City Council. In this regard, the Management of Wahed Company and Municipal officials have promised to the workers that except as for one off minimum payment and as with continued Management meetings, and repeated promises, nothing has been given to the hard-working drivers and workers.

Since a large numbers of the workers and drivers of the Wahed Company are on the verge of retirement, the Management of Wahed Company, by tricking the one off payment method, a large numbers of drivers and workers who have been retired in the past and recent years, are virtually deprived of the privilege of benefiting from the Job Classification Review Scheme, and given that this review has not taken placed in the last fourteen years, the drivers and workers who retire and do not benefit from the implementation of this plan, as a result, they retire with a minimum wage, and legally lose what was really their rights.

the Workers’ Syndicate of Wahed Company announces the Management that the job Classification Review Plan must be implemented as soon as possible. In this critical situation, the implementation of this plan not only affects the pensions of the workers and derivers, but also in difficult living conditions and unbridled expensiveness can solve and provide a part of living, medical and educational problems of hard-working drivers, workers and retirees.

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