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samedi, 13 août 2022



World Health Day : our applause to health workers this April 7

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This Tuesday, April 7, is World Health Day. All around the world there will be tributes to health workers, with applause, and we will also demand working conditions, protective equipment and immediate hiring of more professionals.

The date has special significance when it is these workers who are at the forefront of the fight against Convid-19. The world records more than 1 million infected with the new coronavirus and the deaths exceed the mark of 50 thousand people, according to a survey by John Hopkins University.

Health workers and workers, called heroes daily by the population worldwide and despised by governments in general, are at the forefront of combating the pandemic and are one of the sectors most affected by the coronavirus, precisely because of the lack adequate working conditions and daily contact with those infected.

To get an idea of ​​the exposure to which health workers are exposed, a person infected with the new coronavirus transmits the pathogen, in general, to up to three people. But a patient in attendance at a hospital in the Chinese city of Wuhan, for example, passed the virus to at least 14 health professionals before he even had a fever, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

In France, doctors went to court against the government on charges of failure to increase the production of masks. In Spain there are protests from health professionals demanding protective equipment. In Zimbabwe, nurses and doctors made stoppages against the lack of protective equipment, amid the three-week quarantine adopted in the country to try to contain the pandemic’s progress.

Nurse Paolo Miranda, from the ICU (intensive care unit) at the only hospital in Cremona, in Lombardy, Italy, comments on the BBC’s exhaustion after 12-hour shifts that they are being forced to do.

"We are professionals, but we are getting exhausted. Today, we feel that we are in the trenches. Everyone is afraid."

In Brazil, only at the beginning of this year, the Bolsonaro government, diverted 9 billion reais from hospitals to pay banks.

Health care workers live in a chaotic system. With the total dismantling of SUS (Unified Health System), a consequence of governments after governments, and working under high risk and pressure, they now face strenuous journeys due to the lack of professionals, they suffer from the lack of PPE’s (Personal Protective Equipment) and tests for the category that is most exposed and cares for patients.

The situation worldwide is absurd and we need to show our support and denounce the situation.

All support to workers and workers in the health sector facing the pandemic and the effects of capitalism that does not value lives, but the profit of the super rich and powerful.

On this 7th of April, it is day for us to assume the main banners of health workers and health workers and immediately demand decent working conditions and that hospitals and health units are under the control of these workers.