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samedi, 28 mai 2022



Xenophobia and racism are killing people on the Greek-Turkish border ! The European Union is also !

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Over the past few days, people have been killed on the Greek-Turkish border ! This is a direct consequence of political decisions by European leaders who would like to seal off European Union borders at all costs, notably by subcontracting the examination of asylum applications to non-European States and the encampment of undesirables. Everyday brings new unbearable images showing asylum seekers being pushed out or deliberately put in danger.

In order to prevent their entry into Europe, the Greek police and army along with a part of the local population and fascist groups have made use of unprecedented levels of violence. At sea and along the river Evros, they are blocking boats, causing shipwrecks, shooting in the air, wounding and killing people.

Not only is the European Union not condemning these extremely serious acts, it is supporting and encouraging them. Instead of reminding the Greek authorities that both international and European law prohibit pushing a person seeking international protection back to the border without examining his or her situation, the President of the European Council has welcomed the Greek efforts to "protect Europe’s borders", while the President of the European Commission has called Greece a "European shield" as if Europe were under threat from an enemy.

For its part, the European agency Frontex is planning to deploy a rapid intervention force in the area, opening up a new front in the "war on migrants" that the EU has been waging along its borders for the past 20 years. A recently established coalition of organisations against border violence has announced that complaints will be lodged against Greece and the EU for violating the rights of people fleeing Turkey. States and the EU decision-makers behind them must not be allowed to commit such abuses with impunity.

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