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jeudi, 18 août 2022



Solidarity with the struggle of the SNTSTC (Metro de Mexico)

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We relay and support this text from the International Coordination of Metro Trade Unions :

The international coordination of metro unions affirms its solidarity and support for the struggle organised in Mexico by the National Union of Public Transport Workers (SNTSTP) to demand compliance with the regulations on general working conditions, a product of 50 years of trade union struggle. We cannot allow anti-worker measures, taken unilaterally by the employers, to leave workers WITHOUT :
- Wage increases this year 2020 and therefore without recovering the lost purchasing power.
- Spare parts, equipment, safety clothing and masks are necessary for the maintenance of trains and installations.
- Paying health service providers, endangering the hospital, pharmacy and laboratory.
- New recruitment of workers, avoiding the outsourcing and permanence of uncovered vacancies, etc.

OPEN FIGHTING AND INTERNATIONAL CLASS SOLIDARITY are the weapons of workers organised in trade unions to defend their rights and achievements, to defend the common good, which is for everyone.
Under no circumstances will we allow the Covid19 pandemic to be used by employers and governments to put an end to the rights and achievements of the trade union struggle.
The international coordination of the metro unions is organising actions in front of the Mexican embassies to obtain satisfaction for the just demands made. We encourage all metro workers in Mexico City to take up the struggle with their unions. The working class will continue to be the centre of unity and the engine of revolutionary change.

Metro Mexico