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mardi, 26 octobre 2021



| Brazil | Support for immediate rehiring of Carlos Daniel Gomes Toni

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We as labor unions participants of the International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggles express our solidarity to brother Carlos Daniel Gomes Toni, public employee and trade-unionist in IBAMA, arbitrarily dismissed by your administration in April 2016 during his holidays.

We definitely cannot accept that an administration which many former trade-unionists take part resorts to persecuting and dismissing labor activists.

We condenm this act which disrespects both the organization and the struggle of the workers.

We demand that your administration abide by their commitments to the international treaties and conventions of the I.L.O. (International Labor Organization) which guarantee the free expression of workers in defense for their rights readdress this decision in order to rehire Carlos Daniel Gomes Toni immediately.

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Image : Paollo Rodajna