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mardi, 15 juin 2021



In defence of the Sindicato dos Sindicários dos Metroviários de São Paulo headquarters

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The member organisations of the International Trade Union Solidarity and Struggle Network denounce the anti-democratic, anti-union, authoritarian and intimidating attempt by the São Paulo state government and the management of the Metropolitan Company to take over the headquarters of the São Paulo Subway Workers’ Union.

The headquarters at Rua Serra do Japi nº 31 is the house built by the underground workers, but it is also the headquarters of all the social and popular movements in the city of São Paulo. The fight for the defence of this space is a fight for all of us.

At a time when the country and the state are experiencing the drama of the Covid-19 pandemic and the misdeeds of governments that turn their backs on the people, we are also seeing initiatives that attack all democratic freedoms. The state government should open negotiations with the union and give the land away permanently, renouncing this absolutely undemocratic attitude.

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