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mercredi, 4 août 2021




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The Congolese civil society of South Africa was very shocked to hear on April 4th that our country the DR.Congo has "been chosen" as the place for clinical tests of this future vaccine and first victim of any wrong medical experimentation as in the tragedies of all industrials revolution starting by the death on the rubber demand for tires revolution (1884).

We are pleasing the entire world to consider this :

❖ The pharmaceutics industry that discovers first the vaccine will make a lot of profit. What’s more, the proper patent of vaccine will cost and put African countries in more dept. As we will be guinea pig, the payment of the patent will influence more control in African minerals.

❖ It is true that clinical trials are a necessary step in the protocol for the availability of a drug or vaccine. But this requires strict compliance with the principles and upstream supervision measures, among others : The fact that the test candidates volunteered voluntarily and consciously and individually, the establishment of a credible ethics committee to judge the need for tests on humans as well as their non-dangerousness ; the establishment of a credible committee to protect test candidates in order to guarantee their rights before and after the test over time. We believe that justice and common sense recommend that :

1. These tests are carried out in countries with the best health systems (medical infrastructures, technical expertise as well as medical insurance systems). To date, the DR Congo has only a few hospitals, which are very poorly equipped with no subsidized medical cover, testing a product in such an environment with uncertainty of monitoring after test.

2. These tests are carried out only in the State where companies’ producers of vaccines are based. Thus, in the event of possible complications, even late, producers will be able to exert all the necessary pressures to obtain compensation for the victims. The DRC does not have a strong justice system able claim any compensation internationally for his population, refer to the silent holocaust and genocide claim and reparation from all the firms which support from the rubber deaths to the rebellions which mourn its people for more than century, to be prosecuted in justice ; how will it be able to put pressure on firms outside its jurisdiction and be sure to obtain compensation for later potential complications in the life of its people ? Congolese civil society of South Africa therefore require to the President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, His Excellency Felix-Antoine TSHISEKEDI Tshilombo, to break with this occultly signed "deal" which endangers the health of our population.

On the same occasion, the CCSSA invites all organizations attentive to the rights of peoples and to the defense of the masses to join us, in solidarity please sign this declaration in order to stop discrimination on African people.